Friday, 9 September 2016

Diwali Message For Boyfriends

Messages (sms) For Boyfriends 

        Wish your boyfriend on the festival of lights and also express the love feelings for him through the Diwali messages sent through texts. The Diwali message for the boyfriend would make him feel loved and happier on the festival of lights. The sender can also send love notes along with the wishes.

                                            Happy Diwali 2016


 Lovely samples of Diwali messages for the boyfriend to send are given below:

1). Dear boyfriend, I send happy Diwali wishes for you with love. I also send beautiful gifts for the celebration of the festival together with you in the evening.

2). To my sweet boyfriend, happy Diwali wishes for you. I hope you are enjoying the festival well by lighting fireworks and would join you in the celebration tomorrow.

     Diwali Messages

3). For my good boyfriend, wishing you a happy and prosperous Diwali. I send fireworks for you to lit and spread light in all our lives.

4). To dear boyfriend, this text carries lovely Diwali wishes for you. Let this Diwali be the best of yours and bring in much success and prosperity in your life.

5). Through this text, I wish my dear boyfriend a happy Diwali. I am sure you are celebrating the festival with much fervor and I send gifts for you.


       Diwali Wishes

Boys have their funny bone, too! Tickle their emotions with these romantic Love messages that will make them love you more! You can also write these love wordings in your Valentine’s Day cards and love cards. Make them feel your love by sending these as love SMS messages or love text messages.

I can’t help but smile when I look at you.

I feel butterflies here in my stomach whenever I am beside you.

No words can explain how much you mean to me.

I love you because you are you.

Thank you for choosing me to be your girl.

You are the brightest star in my eyes.

I love the feel of your strong muscles whenever you hug me.

I love the tender kisses that we share.

I cannot imagine myself to be with another man.
You are my one and only love.

I never loved anybody as much as I love you.

To love you is the first thing I want to do today, to hug you is the second.

Your romantic personality makes me fall in love with you more.

I feel like a princess when I am with you.

Looking at you is enough for me to say that I really love you.
I love to hear your voice. It makes me feel that you are near me.

When you hold my hands I feel that I am truly yours.

I love you more than words could ever say.

More Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend
If I am passive sometimes, I am sorry. I just do not know how to be sweet to you. Can you teach me?

Every day with you is Valentine. I do not have to wait for Feb.14 just to let you feel special.

You are the reason why I am glowing with happiness.

Life is happy with someone as loving as you!

You always make me feel beautiful.

I love you because God gave you to me.
You are like a vitamin that removes my stress and makes me energetic.

24 hours is not enough when we are together. I want to be with you longer.

I love it when I make you smile.

Your presence is enough to rock my world.

You are mine, and I am yours. I love you, I love you!


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